The Fiduciary Commitment

We strive to ensure that our clients have complete trust in us..   This trust should take two forms.  First, that our clients will trust that any advice we render is being provided by us with no regard for our own financial interests.  And second, the client should be able to trust that we actually have the knowledge needed to support any investment or financial recommendations that we made.

There are few situations in life where anyone needs to be able to count on both types of trust as much as in the field of investment advice.  Your money not only represents your financial security, but often your emotional security as well.  It represents the dreams you have for not only your own life, but for your children's future.  Our view is that if a client is asking us about investments or other financial choices, the mere fact that we are engaged in that discussion represents the highest possible trust that a client is placing in us.  

This brings up an obvious question.  If our sole source of revenue is generated from the annual retainer fee that clients pay us for managing investment assets, typically stocks, bonds, and cash, can clients trust us to give them advice that would reduce, or even eliminate, any fees we might earn from managing investment assets?  The answer is yes, they can.  To do otherwise would be to violate our fiduciary duty to give clients advice that is in their best interest.    

If you would like to know more about our commitment to ensuring your complete trust in us, please contact us.